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History is replete with turning points, lieutenant. You must have faith."
“That the universe will unfold as it should.
Spock and Valeris, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
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Your Bad Joke for the Day

Q: What language do Gary Mitchell, Lyta Alexander, and Misaka Mikoto all have in common?

A: ESPer-anto.

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Tortoise Taxi. “You realize I bill by the minute, right?”

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I intended this for Character Solidifying Sunday, but wound up delivering it a little late (ugh).  Still, given the relative dearth of output for quite some time, it’s better late than never.  

Teri has been a character that’s been in my head for almost five years now, and she’s survived more than a few failed projects with her core identity intact.  In every project, she’s been an officer in a future space force, always an explorer, a competent if not exceptional officer, and a fighter if the situation called for it.  However, many of the worlds I put her in were somewhat cramped for someone like her (imagine if Captain Kirk was only able to explore one planet in the Solar System, with the rest of the galaxy forever beyond his reach.  That was Teri’s problem, and one of the myriad reasons why my stories kept failing with her).  I’m experimenting with a story that will finally let her cut loose.  We’ll see what happens.

Here, I’ve given her look a bit of an update, and tested out some colors to see how they work.  No shading here - I’ll save that for when I’m more confident in my coloring skills.

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Novelist error messages.

Too perfect!


Y’know, if creativity DID come with error messages, it’d be a LOT easier to debug…

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Winter in Fredericton: a haiku

As I walk to work
I see snowplows clear the streets
Sparks fly as they do.

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Boosting the signal a bit.

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The new unofficial Doctor Who comic from Lydia Butz and Hamish Steele 

Episode 2: The Tomb of the Stone Clock

Page 1 of Part 3 of 4. Just the one page for now, since we’ve been on vacation a bit too long and you’ve been wonderfully patient. So thank you for waiting! Have a page! Hopefully, the rest of part 3 will follow soon.


Read it from the beginning here on Tumblr or VIEW IN HIGH RESOLUTION and join in the discussion by watching us on our deviantArt group.

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Presenting the 2nd of my 30 Characters Challenge entries.  This is a little late – mostly due to my deciding to work with the colors and inks in Clip Studio, a program I recently purchased.  Nice program – lots of useful tools – but not the wisest choice I’ve made while laboring under a deadline.  Also: Photoshop layer folder don’t work in Photoshop Elements, so I had to bounce between two programs to get the template to work right.

Roland Wong is Cosmetigene’s best salesperson in the Greater Vancouver Archology.  A man of great charm and charisma, he makes his living selling cosmetic gene enhancements.  Want eyes that changes color via your mood?  Looking for tiger-stripe hair or glow-in-the-dark fingernails?  How about some chlorophyll in the skin to give you that extra bit of pep through the day?  Cosmetigene has it all, and Roland can sell them to just about anyone.

It’s not a bad life… but Roland misses the days when he worked an entirely different job, as a plainsclothes detective in the GVA Police Force.  There his charm had been used to coax testimony out of reluctant witnesses, and to ease criminals into confession.  He’d been good at that job too – perhaps a little too good.  On a corruption case, he found he’d angered the wrong high-ranking official, and soon found himself out of work.

But his past collides with his present when a routine sale becomes a terrible murder.  One of Roland’s gene enhancements for a client was altered: instead of giving his client the robin’s-egg-blue skin she wanted, it turned her skin cells into toxin-producing factories, poisoning her from the inside.  All evidence points to Roland, and his job, reputation, and freedom are on the line… unless he can find the real killer.

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So, I’ve recently joined the 30 Characters challenge and put out my first character, with barely an hour and a half left to my day (I’ve been busy, so only a pencil image - I plan to get a little fancier with future images, but no promises :/ )  Please give a warm welcome to Danielle Kostra.

Danielle is a biologist, specializing in non-terrestrial arthropods.  If it has an exoskeleton and no relations to Earth life, she wants to know everything about it.  And, as one of dozens of biologists aboard the Concordat Grand Survey Ship Tyio-9, she is pretty much in her dream job.  The Grand Survey’s mission is to explore every star in the galaxy, spending about a year in each.   With close to 400 billion stars, that’s a lot of worlds… and a lot of bugs, crustaceans and other exoskeletal creatures that evolution can cook up.

Danielle herself is not Earth-born.  She’s from Sapphire, a beautiful world orbiting the star Epsilon Indi, and colonized by one of Earth’s slow-ships.  When humanity was inducted into the Concordat (a vast collective of over 70 races, some of them extremely advanced), they gained access to the FTL technology that allows other Concordat races to hop across the galaxy with the same ease modern commuters can jet around the world.  Still, Danielle and her fellow humans do face some issues, as many of the younger Concordat members feel threatened by each new arrival.  Prejudice and mistrust have caused more than their fair share of friction between humans and their new allies, and people like Danielle, working on the front line of the Concordat’s push into the galaxy, can sometimes be caught in the middle.